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Greeting Cards


Offset Printing Full Colour Greeting Cards

Tired of all the boring store bought greeting cards? Want to add a personal touch to the cards you sent out? Design and print your very own customized greeting cards. Sizes available:

Sizes available:

- GC1a : 83mm x 90mm (close)
- GC1b : 166mm x 90mm (postcard)
- GC2a : 91mm x 110mm (close)
- GC2b : 182mm x 110mm (postcard)
- GC2c : 216mm x 90mm (postcard)
- GC3a : 91mm x 166mm (close)
- GC3b : 83mm x 182mm (close)
- GC4a : 111mm x 182mm (close)
- GC5a : 139mm x 182mm (close)
- GC6a : 150mm x 150mm (close)
- GC6b : 98mm x 210mm (close)
- GC7a : 148.5mm x 210mm (close)


Material Available : 
- 260gsm art card
- 300gsm art card
- 230gsm ivory card
- 300gsm plastinum ice white

Fitting Envelope : 
- 100gsm simili paper
(available colour : light pink & light yellow only)

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260gsm Art Card Only : 

Quantity GC1 GC2 GC3 GC4 GC5 GC6 GC7 +Envelope
100pcs RM122 RM131 RM149 RM167 RM185 RM203 RM239 +RM15
200pcs RM153 RM164 RM186 RM208 RM230 RM252 RM296 +RM30
300pcs RM184 RM197 RM223 RM249 RM275 RM301 RM353 +RM45
500pcs RM231 RM248 RM282 RM316 RM350 RM384 RM400 +RM75
1000pcs RM294 RM317 RM363 RM409 RM455 RM470 RM470 +RM150
2000pcs RM438 RM484 RM576 RM668 RM670 RM670 RM670 +RM300


260gsm Art Card + Matte Lamination :

Quantity GC1 GC2 GC3 GC4 GC5 GC6 GC7 +Envelope
100pcs RM128 RM139 RM161 RM183 RM205 RM227 RM271 +RM15
200pcs RM162 RM176 RM204 RM232 RM260 RM288 RM344 +RM30
300pcs RM196 RM213 RM247 RM281 RM315 RM349 RM417 +RM45
500pcs RM243 RM264 RM306 RM348 RM390 RM432 RM450 +RM75
1000pcs RM312 RM341 RM399 RM457 RM515 RM573 RM595 +RM150
2000pcs RM474 RM532 RM648 RM764 RM880 RM996 RM1,040 +RM300


300gsm Art Card + Matte Lamination : 

Quantity GC1 GC2 GC3 GC4 GC5 GC6 GC7 +Envelope
100pcs RM143 RM159 RM191 RM223 RM255 RM287 RM351 +RM15
200pcs RM174 RM192 RM228 RM264 RM300 RM336 RM408 +RM30
300pcs RM202 RM221 RM259 RM297 RM335 RM373 RM449 +RM45
500pcs RM249 RM272 RM318 RM364 RM410 RM456 RM548 +RM75
1000pcs RM324 RM357 RM423 RM489 RM555 RM621 RM753 +RM150
2000pcs RM498 RM564 RM696 RM828 RM960 RM1,092 RM1,356 +RM300


260gsm Art Card + Matte + Spot UV 1 side :

Quantity GC1 GC2 GC3 GC4 GC5 GC6 GC7 +Envelope
100pcs RM191 RM223 RM287 RM351 RM415 RM479 RM607 +RM15
200pcs RM222 RM256 RM324 RM392 RM460 RM528 RM655 +RM30
300pcs RM253 RM289 RM361 RM433 RM505 RM577 RM680 +RM45
500pcs RM321 RM368 RM462 RM556 RM650 RM744 RM760 +RM75
1000pcs RM420 RM485 RM615 RM745 RM875 RM875 RM920 +RM150
2000pcs RM690 RM820 RM1,080 RM1,340 RM1,370 RM1,370 RM1,370 +RM300


230gsm Ivory Card : 

Quantity GC1 GC2 GC3 GC4 GC5 GC6 GC7 +Envelope
100pcs RM152 RM171 RM209 RM247 RM285 RM323 RM345 +RM15
200pcs RM183 RM204 RM246 RM288 RM330 RM372 RM370 +RM30
300pcs RM214 RM237 RM283 RM329 RM375 RM395 RM395 +RM45
500pcs RM261 RM288 RM342 RM396 RM430 RM430 RM430 +RM75
1000pcs RM336 RM373 RM447 RM521 RM540 RM540 RM540 +RM150
2000pcs RM522 RM596 RM744 RM892 RM855 RM855 RM855 +RM300


300gsm Platinum Ice White Card :

Quantity GC1 GC2 GC3 GC4 GC5 GC6 GC7 +Envelope
100pcs RM170 RM195 RM245 RM295 RM345 RM395 RM495 +RM15
200pcs RM210 RM240 RM300 RM360 RM420 RM480 RM600 +RM30
300pcs RM250 RM285 RM355 RM425 RM495 RM565 RM705 +RM45
500pcs RM315 RM360 RM450 RM540 RM630 RM720 RM900 +RM75
1000pcs RM435 RM505 RM645 RM785 RM925 RM1,065 RM1,345 +RM150
2000pcs RM720 RM860 RM1,140 RM1,420 RM1,700 RM1,980 RM2,540 +RM300