Jlink Print Square

A creative company capable of continuous growth

JLINK PRINT SQUARE was established in 2011 as a small design company where it focused mainly on online design and printing. We cater to mostly out of Klang Valley business because that is where most people would have difficulty acquiring design and printing solutions. Today our main customer base are coming from Klang Valley as our work was referred from one client to another and with a 99% satisfaction guaranteed rate.

Striving in this particular line has been tough, for the competition has always been huge, but we focus mainly on our motto which is “Service with a personal touch“, and we have been growing ever since. Our online services include printing and designing of quality marketing materials such as booklet printing, brochure printing, flyer printing, namecard printing, presentation folder printing, greeting card printing, catalogue printing, business cards, postcard printing, poster printing, sticker labels, bunting printing, banner printing, premium gifts and many, many more.

JLINK PRINT SQUARE is the next generation of online printers that offers dynamic ideas, quality printing and production convenience to our customer.